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Justina Vivera
United States
Favourite genre of music: alernative
Favourite style of art: photography
Favourite cartoon character: sailor moon
Personal Quote: If ignorance is bliss then I'll die unhappy. I refuse to live in your world of pretend.
  • Listening to: my aol presets
  • Reading: my spring break english syllabus
  • Playing: mahjongg
  • Drinking: coffee
....realize you're a loser because you have no Saturday night plans and you're probably going to spend the evening reading some fantasy novel which consists of about fifty dog-eared pages with highlighted or underlined passages that you've read at least one-hundred and sixty-seven times. And although you would never admit it, you wouldn't mind if Robert Pattinson crashed through the window and took you for a ride soaring over the tree tops. We ALL want to have a Bella "holy shit, this isn't real" moment (minus the awkwardness that Kristen Stewart contributes) so don't you dare say you don't.

I'm drinking from a mug that reads: BAD TO THE BONE with one of those crossbone/skull things on it. My mother and "the boyfriend" decided to add this hunk of porcelain to my massive mug collection (the mugs are big, not the collection, in case you were wondering, which you probably weren't, becuase really, why would you care? most likely no one's even reading this. the majority of the people who actually took time out of their lives TO read this probably stopped at the Robert Pattinson thing) when they went to A.C (atlantic city..hoping you knew that one) and decided I was some kind of baddass. It's not like I care what the mug looks like as long as its big and can fit exorbitant amounts of coffee in it. But really Bad to the bone? I can hit you with a stream of saracastic comments that will either leave you scarred for life or crying in a corner, but I wouldn't say I was PURE evil.

I feel like starting a new paragraph now, simply becuase I can. There's this girl in my English class who is totally and utterly stupid. She's book smart, but she's completely unaware of the spinning world around her or rather that the world IS spinning around her. It's like she's at the center if the planet entirely cut off from the rest of us. She's so ignorant that she's ignorant of the meaning of ignorance! We read this short story called "The Harvest." It was about an elderly man who the whole town thought to be some crazy old guy. He would take walks in a corn feild and would never let anybody follow him. One day these two boys decided to see what he was up to. They sneakily pursued him saw that he was digging wholes in the ground. He would hollow out one foot deep patches of dirt with a coffe can and lay his hand inside. Of course the two boys spread the news to the town and the people thought he was even more crazy. Later on, one of the two boys set to perfrom the same task as the old man. He had to know why he was doing this. He went to a field and dug a whole in the soil. He placed his hand on the dirt and closed his eyes. "He felt the Earth move. Felt the warmth of the Earth...carressing his fingers...It was like when someone died. You always blamed yourself for not loving them more before they died." The story was about not taking things for granted, in this case nature. Since nothing can get past the brick wall encasing this girl's thick head, she also had the myopic opinion of the rest of the town. She thought the man was crazy and nothing more. It just goes to show that she's one of those people who lacks the patience for understanding. Though I myself have low tolerance for the indiffernt.

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